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aattention. >> a deadly accident in oakland. a one-year-old girl is killed after being struck by a car. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in golden gate park where police are hoping to find a ross woman who disappeared without a trace a week ago. >> a live look from sutro tower at a clear sky. we have dense fog in some spots. i'll show you where the visibilities will be toughest and our last day of possible record high temperatures. chance of sprinkles this weekend. >> good morning. i'm sue hall for frances. dense fog that will affect your commute. we'll show you where as well as areas of construction. >> good thursday morning. 5 a.m.. we thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, questions asked about the effectiveness of emergency communications. potential problems were exposed in a chase that resulted in a
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fatal shooting. terry mcsweeney is live. terry, what happened? >> the problem is that officers in the field cannot communicate with dispatch. in other words, they can't call in for additional officers or medical help and that was the situation last night following a high-speed chase. take a look where the incident that brought this to our attention all began. it began on walkwood street. no one was hurt when two men in a car opened fire. nobody hit by the gunfire there but then the chase of 85th avenue. it was a ten-minute chase. for half of that time police say they had no communication with dispatch. so when the passenger of the vehicle was shot by police, officers could not call an ambulance. regional park police happened to be listening to the radio. they called for help. police say it is a well-known problem. >> officers can hear each other but we have no contact with the dispatchers who are life lines to safety out here. it's a problem that the city is
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aware of and currently working on. >> the driver of the get away car was arrested. he was not injured. because park police were listen, it would not have made any difference if police could get hold of dispatch but clearly there are situations where it would have mattered. could be a situation of life and death. mayor jean quan has ordered a tech team to figure it out. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. heartbreaking tragedy in oakland last night. a one-year-old girl was accidentally struck and killed by a car. it happened outside the girl's home on 78th avenue. the coroner's office says the baby was taken to children's hospital where her organs are
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being donated. >> the search for a north bay school teacher moves to san francisco. they will scour golden gate park looking for some sign of her. amy, why golden gate park? >> she's previously mentioned she likes the park, that she may one day stay here. police are gonna follow that lead. they're gonna come here in hopes to find her. the search will start later this morning for deborah schmidt. police and relatives say they have no idea where she is. last week she wrote thank you for everything on the chalk board in her high school classroom where she was a teacher. she left her keys in the classroom and police found her car and i.d. at her home. yesterday they searched the phoenix lake area because she liked to hike there. she is dealing with a lot of
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sadness. her husband filed for divorce and three close relatives died in the past eight months. it appears she just walked away. she does have a son in the 8th grade and many former students who adore her. they've been leaving heart felt messages on her page. the community of roth is watching the search which today will move to san francisco. >> amy, thank you. south san francisco residents are demanding their city council take action to stop the violence following a triple murder there last month. last night residents voiced their concerns at a public meeting. they want a new community center, more youth programs, better security, more community policing and social workers. three young men were killed in december, three others wounded. >> threats against lawmakers are taken seriously including new
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racist death threats against leland yee. an investigation was set up after this fax a week after yee called on rush limbaugh to stop mocking him after his radio show last week. >> always saying is that you've been hurting people and you've been disrespecting individuals. >> he says he's been threatened before but because of the recent shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords in tucson, he's now taking such threats more seriously. >> in sacramento police arrested a man after what he made what sounded like a threat to mayor johnson. he meant the mayor no harm. he told mayor johnson he would be out of office in four hours when he approached the mayor at a sacramento restaurant yesterday morning. he has a criminal record which
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includes assault with a deadly weapon. nelson has struggled with mental illness since his marriage broke up five years ago. >> the latest poll shows two-thirds of voters approve of governor brown's proposal to extend the temporary increase in state sales, vehicle and income taxes. the majority agreeing with his approach to closing the $25 billion budget deficit. 41% of adults surveyed say they approve of his performance. 19% disapprove and 33% are not sure. people who feel the state is moving in the right direction has more than doubled to 38%. i know i said 33%. i'm not sure but according to here it's 39%. we're going to sort that out. those numbers were 16% in october.
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>> it is 5:06 now. the milpitas planning commission has unanimously approved a permit for the construction of a mosque near south main street. the commission voted on the project at a packed meeting last night. there were more residents voicing support than opposition. those who opposed it were mostly concerned about traffic and parking issues. >> a big wave surfer nearly killed at mavericks is back home after being released from the hospital. the 30-year-old said despite being a little light-headed he feels good and hopes to enter mavericks. he describes being hit by an army of waves. every time he reached the surface another wave would knock him down. an australian firefighter rescued him on a jet ski. >> today's going to look a lot like yesterday but there's a
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change ahead. >> tell us about the change. >> the cooler weather on the way for the weekend and the chance of sprinkles on sunday. good morning to you. live doppler 7 hd, notice the bubble gum pink all throughout the central valley and bleeding into the east bay valleys. these the tulie fog. we have a dense fog advisory for the central valley until 1:00. for the east bay valleys about 10:00 in the morning. concord about a quarter mile, same fairfield. half mile santa rosa. one and a quarter mile novato. the national weather service just cancelled the dense fog advisory for the north bay valleys. temperatures are running in the mid-30. 40 concord, 43 san rafael. the bay shore to the coast and 51 san francisco. our destination, warmer than average. we won't be quite as warm today.
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fremont, san jose still low 70s. most of us mid to upper 60s around the bay. the warmest weather today around the monterey bay and even inland low to mid-70s. your 7-day forecast, a cooling sea breeze arrives tomorrow pushing temperatures at the coast to the 50s. by sunday all of us in the 50s with that chance of a sprinkle. let's turn it over to saw hall, see how traffic is. >> so far so good. a fog advisory. some areas still not lifted. so far other bridges are not affected this morning. let's check your drive out of walnut creek through the caldecott tunnel moving well. just getting reports of an accident in san francisco. 23rd at mission. the 14 mission bus may be affected there. just be aware. 80 westbound on into the maze is moving at the limit. we'll check your toll plaza as well. there's the 80 freeway.
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that's looking really good as you head to the bay bridge and bay bridge also fine. no problems there. metering lights remain off and just a few cars paying their tolls there. eric, kristen. >> sue, thank you very much. it's 5:10. >> running in the red. one fund for social security benefits are now expected to be empty until lawmakers find a fix. >> how two cents almost kept a vietnam vet from live saving surgery.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with the dow touching 12,000 for the first time in two and a half years. investors were encouraged by president obama to lower tax rates in his state of the union address. followed disappointing earnings reports. the federal reserve is downplaying recent improvements in the economy. the fed voted to continue its $600 billion bond-buying program. saying the economy isn't growing fast enough to bring down high unemployment. ford is recalling 425,000 wind star minivans to fix a problem that could cause drivers to lose control. it's cold weather states and covers 1999 to 2003. how much is an academy award nomination worth? best picture nominees from average box office bump of $20 million over the past four
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years. the winner made an extra $14 million. >> it's almost 5:14 now. the social security trust fund is on track to run out of money by 2037 according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office. this year alone social security will collect $45 billion less in payroll taxes than it pays out in benefits. a debt commission appointed by president obama has recommended changes that include a gradual increase in the retirement age and raising the cap on income subject to the social security payroll tax. meantime the president is calling for bipartisan solutions to strengthen the program while protecting current and future retirees. >> a two cent mistake almost kept a man from potentially life-saving surgery. an insurance administrator dropped the coverage of the man ill with cancer.
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public outcry led to the insurance being reinstated and an apology from the ceo. >> it's like a whole ton of bricks just fell off me. i know it fell off my husband. >> flanagan is suffering from the type of bone marrow cancer and was in line for a stem cell transplant. now that his insurance has been reinstated he's trying to get back on the transplant list. >> a grocery store that treated us weekly magazine like an adult magazine it changing their decision. shoppers didn't see this. instead they saw this. that plastic cover to protect young shoppers. twitter user jen hud took this picture at a harps in arkansas.
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yesterday harps' corporate office got so many complaints it instructed stores to remove the shields. >> you gotta put up a different kind of shield to protect yourself from the sun. maybe a little sunscreen. who would think you need it now in january. >> absolutely. but you can get sun burned. >> did you? >> about two weeks ago with baseball tryouts. outside from like 8:30 in the morning to 5:30. >> i can't remember two weeks ago! >> it's all gone. i wore sunscreen last week during tryouts. 70 by the way. 5:16 this morning. going to be bright once again. high clouds. you know, you usually think, yeah, i can get sun burn on the slopes because of higher elevation, the reflection, it doubles the intensity but not when you're sitting in a baseball field in the middle of january. let's take a look from sutro tower. you can see beautiful financial district all the way over to the
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east bay. it is rather clear. fog in the north bay valleys. even thicker fog along highway 4 corridor. brentwood, antioch to concord. around the bay low to mid-40s. 51 san francisco. 52 monterey. 36 in gilroy. our highlights, mostly sunny today. our last day for records. they'll be harder to get because they're warmer today. temperatures will be a little cooler in most areas than yesterday. valley fog to form again tonight, especially in the east bay. clear around the bay and the coast and a cooler weekend with some sunday just sprinkles. nothing to change plans over. fremont and san francisco one degree warmer today. san jose, santa rosa the same. about 10 hours and 10 minutes of sunshine. sun will set about 5:28 today. high pressure still hanging around but it's getting
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weakened. you can see the high clouds spilling over. that's what we'll have today. this low is really going to do some damage to this high. it's going to break it down. turn our flow more zonenal and these the sea breeze and why it will be cool tomorrow. pretty warm today in the south bay. notice the last of asterisks today. that's how hard it's going to be to get to record highs. as you head into the south bay, los altos and mountain view 70. coast upper 60s for you. mid-60s downtown south san francisco. the north bay valleys low to mid-60s. upper 60s ukiah and cloverdale. tulie fog will keep valley around 50. berkeley and then mid to upper 60s from oakland all the way down to fremont. 70 degrees in the east bay valleys. even here mid-50s, brentwood,
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low to mid-60s from concord through the san ramon valley and upper 60s for pleasanton. as we head into monterey bay, low to mid-70s here and inland. carmel maybe a little cooler 68. tonight the fog developing in the east bay. centered there in the north bay mid to upper 40s. fog even creeping in on the coast. that's where you can see the onshore flow starting to develop. mid to upper 40s around the bay shore. let's take a look at your 7-day forecast. see how far these temperatures tumble. tomorrow about 8 degrees across the board. 4 degrees maybe inland. we'll drop another i'd say 4 degrees on saturday and about another 4 degrees on sunday. by the time sunday rolls around with that chance of a sprinkle, temperatures in the 50s everywhere. a slight warming trend with more sunshine monday, tuesday and wednesday. hope you have a great day. here's sue with your traffic. >> an issue in san francisco. mission and 23rd street apparently a car has run into a
5:20 am
fire hydrant. going to try to get pictures of that for you. there is water just spewing everywhere 23rd and mission. that might be affecting the 14 mission muni bus as well. let's go over to the east bay southbound 880 approaching marina. left lane blocked with an accident there. we have a fog advisory on the venetian and carquinez bridges so be aware of that. to the bay bridge, toll plaza it is very light at this hour. no problems getting on into san francisco westbound on the upper deck. >> you can go to to get your traffic anytime. we make it easy for you. it's 5:20. thank you, sue. >> coming up next, gails gone wild. ♪ >> the students behind this video gone viral.
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reports show $20 million over the last four years. i'm vinita nair.
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oprah: all new. a young father -- blind, barely able to speak. the bravest families in our country. legendary newsman tom brokaw. iconic journalist bob woodward. and first lady michelle
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>> good morning, everyone. 5:23 on the abc 7 morning news. a live view from our camera atop sutro from the bay bridge. you see the traffic there. this is -- golden gate bridge. i said bay bridge, spanking time. somebody hit me. thank you very much! >> that wasn't me. >> you see traffic moving along there. just fine. can't believe i did that. but i deserved that little spanking there. thank you very much. >> it was our stage manager, joey's sound effects. thank you, joey! more news for you. a knew library opens in oakland in a neighborhood known for its high crime rate. the 81st avenue library has been in the works nine years, cost $14 million to build and will be the second largest in the city.
5:24 am
it will house 30,000 books, dvd's and 62 computers. mayor jean quan calls it a commit to east oakland. >> i've been talking to kids in the gangs about making sure there's a one-block radius of making this a safe place that anybody whoever they are -- >> councilman larry reid says it will help close the digital divide in a neighborhood of color. the library opens this saturday at 11 a.m. >> tonight saint mary's faces their top rivals on zaga. not only the best basketball team, they have the best music video. abc 7's mike shumann turns rapper for a cameo in gails gone wild. (bells) >> saint mary's is asmall catholic college. they were put on the map and
5:25 am
now... >> we made the shirt and wrote the song and did the video. kind of three stages. that was the game plan for it. ♪ >> i came up with the chorus inside the library during the study hall, recorded it on my phone, popped in the microphone, just recorded it and that was it. >> here we go! ♪ >> the administration and kind of everyone around it was i think shocked like how did they do this. i think the school kind of bought into the project when the whole team supporting it. it just shows how cool of a coach randy bennett is. >> i think the video did a good job of catching all the vocal points of saint mary's college. the alumni watching this, bringing back good memories.
5:26 am
>> i didn't expect those hits in a week. >> kind of get us to extend more. the fans to kind of like it. >> get students to come to school here. wow, like really this much fun and so it's free advertisement for the school. ♪ >> i'm mike shumann abc 7 sports. >> we want more! give us more, shu. >> just like sesame street. one of those things just doesn't belong. the video has nearly 50,000 hits on by the way in two weeks. >> are you kidding? he fits right in. the young man that mike shumann is. >> right! fits right in. >> all right. we're gonna turn to more serious news right now. next at 5:30, a tragic car
5:27 am
accident in oakland leaves a one-year-old baby dead. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. a communication problem here between officers in the street and dispatchers. and last night we saw in terms of life and death how serious this problem could be. the story in a live report. >> also next at 5:30, why police plan to search a san francisco park today for a missing marin county teacher. >> and the bitter cold has backed its way out of the country. the cold spot still chicago 26. above freezing just about everywhere else. 73 phoenix. upper 50s seattle and portland. new york, the latest, newark departures begin at 9 a.m. eastern. arrivals begin at 9:00 our time and jfk opens 7:00 our time. ring ring ring ring. hey, your chicken odles ringing. ring ring. progresso. hi, may i speak to my oggy please?
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live at oakland where a fatal police shooting last night brings to light a very serious communication problem here in the police department. i'll tell you what the problem is and what they're doing about it in a live report. >> and i'm amy holyfield live in golden gate park where search teams will looking for a ross woman who disappeared a week ago. >> here's a live look at the clean, clear air over the bay as we look to the southeast towards oakland. but we have dense fog. i'll show you where and a chance of sprinkles to go along with our dramatic cooling trend this weekend. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in for frances. >> 5:30. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. an oakland police chase ends with officers shooting and killing a man carrying two guns.
5:31 am
during the chase, officers faced a dangerous communication problem and they say it's not the first time. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live at the oakland police headquarters. terry? >> the situation last night brings to light just how this is a matter of life and death. dispatchers were trying to get ahold of police, police officers out on the street trying to get ahold of dispatchers and for an important period of time neither could get ahold of each other. take a look where this whole thing began here in oakland last night about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a drive-by shooting on lockwood street, then the ten-minute chase. that's important, ten minutes a chase through san leandro street and 85th avenue where the car crashed. for five minutes of that chase they had no communication with dispatch. police shot the passenger. they say he had two guns. police could not ask dispatch to send an ambulance. luckily another agency was listening to the radio communication. >> like actually command east
5:32 am
bay regional park police. they recognized we had radio problems and actually got on the radio and advised their dispatch so medical was dispatched in a timely manner as it would have been but we weren't aware because our radio system hampered us from having timely information. >> the driver of the get-away car was chased a short distance and taken into custody not hurt. the passenger was shot by police and he died. no police were injured in this case. we are being told it would not have mattered last night because the parks police were listening. they got the ambulance there just as fast as dispatch could have. but it could have been a different scenario. so it's obviously a very serious situation. mayor quan says she has instructed a tech team to be put together to deal with the situation. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. heartbreaking tragedy in oakland last night. a one-year-old girl was
5:33 am
accidently struck and killed by a car. it happened 9:00 outside the girl's home on 78th avenue. the baby was taken to children's hospital oakland where her organs are being donated. investigators have not released any other information. >> searchers looking for a missing marin county high school teach will turn their focus to a new location, something she had mentioned. live in golden gate park the search will begin at first light. amy? >> she had previously said that she likes golden gate park and may one day say here. so search teams are going to follow that tip and focus on the park today. 53-year-old deborah schmidt disappeared without a trace. police and relatives say they have no idea where she is. last week she wrote thank you, everyone, on the chalk board in her classroom where she was a teacher. she left the keys to school in the classroom. police found her car and identification at her home.
5:34 am
yesterday they searched the phoenix lake area because she liked to hike there. schmidt is dealing with a lot of sadness. her husband filed for divorce and three close relatives have died in the past eight months. with her car at her house, police say it appears she has just walked away. she does have a son who is in the 8th grade and many former students who adore her. they're leaving sweetheart-felt notes on her page. the community of ross is very interested in the search was has now turned to san francisco. >> amy, thank you very much. it's 5:34 now. this morning the sheriff's department will go back to the drawing board to figure out how to move forward in search for the car used in the abduction of four-year-old giuliani. they pulled the 11th vehicle out of the canal in patterson last night. they found a 12th vehicle but left it where it was because
5:35 am
it's in such bad shape. the sheriff feels they've exhausted the capability of their dive operation so the search may require a different approach and equipment. >> it's taxing. it's a lot of work. it's a lot of in and out trying to figure out what you've got. it wears you down. but you gotta get it done. >> josé rodriguez is suspected of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend's son giuliani on january 18th. rodriguez was last seen driving a silver toyota corolla and a farm worker says he saw the car drive into the canal. >> redwood city's police chief has surprised many people in that city by suddenly resigning his job. he has been the chief for four years. he's been on vacation since late december and was supposed to return to work on monday but instead he told the city he's leaving for personal reasons. he was head of san jose's police force in the 1990s. two captains will take over until a new police chief is
5:36 am
hired. >> the san francisco police commission will begin interviewing candidates who apply for the police chief's job on february 9th. the city has been looking for a new chief since george gascon was appointed district attorney earlier in the month. the police commission decided last week to present a list of three finalists for the chief's job to int trim mayor ed lee by the middle of march. the commission will also meet with the community and department officers next month to find out what they want in a new chief. >> the parents of a 20-year-old woman killed in the san bruno gas pipeline explosion are suing pg&e. jessica morales, one of eight people who died, was at her boyfriend's home in san bruno when the pipeline blew. her body was found the next day. the utility company ignored problems with the gas line before it exploded. this is the second wrongful death case brought against pg&e in connection with the blast. >> a watchdog group is calling for the state public utilities commission to launch a public investigation into the deadly
5:37 am
blast. leaders of turn claim the puc has kept information gathered by its blue ribbon panel investigating the explosion private. turn says it wants answers. yesterday san bruno officials began handing out money donated to fire victims from people around the world, some $400,000. surprisingly only a handful of people showed up. >> it's 5:37. eight. and mike is going to know what i'm talking about. >> oh, what did you mean? day 8, sorry. >> i got you there, sorry. still sipping the coffee. hasn't taken effect yet. yesterday day 8 of record highs. possibly day 9 and done, finished. my mother would kill me if i said done. finished. retired teacher. the pink public gum nature of the central valley, that's where
5:38 am
we have a fog advisory until 1:00. the east bay is until 10:00 and the north bay you've been cancelled because your visibility 6 napa, 2 and a half santa rosa and a quarter mile fairfield and concord. let's break down this thursday. we'll have sunshine. a few high clouds this morning. temperatures still in the 30s and 40s in our inland valleys. near 50 san francisco and half moon bay. by noon we'll see a lot of sunshine and temperatures already in the 60s around the bay to the coast. look at the 60s in our inland valleys. 40s because of the fog in fairfield and antioch. those two areas will struggle to remain in the mid-50s while we have lowto mid-60s in your valleys. here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast. look for more coastal fog tonight. less tulie fog and temperatures tomorrow afternoon about 4 to 8 degrees cooler. temperatures will cool all the way to the 50s.
5:39 am
for all of us for highs with a slight chance of sprinkles sunday. good morning, sue. do you have an accident update? >> we do. we had showers in san francisco a bit ago from a fire hydrant. hit it in the mission at 23rd. that's just been capped thankfully. no problems there. 14 muni going through there, no issues at this time. san leandro southbound 880 past david. two lanes blocked, lanes 2 and 4 with an accident. not affecting traffic speed but just be aware of that. fog advisory on the carquinez and venetian bridges. that comes up real quick. just be aware. let's check quickly westbound 80 bunching up a bit through berkeley. >> sue, thanks a lot. sue in for frances this morning. it's 5:39. >> a group of unhappy mayors. what nine california leaders are telling california's new governor about his plan to
5:40 am
balance the budget. >> and the new evidence that investigators say shows the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage3q
5:41 am
while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes in the us each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x costs only six dollars, and the advanced natural bacteria generate powerful enzymes,
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which accelerate the waste digestion. use rid-x once a month, and help save yourself from disaster. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> it's 5:42. many mayors critical of brown for redevelopment agencies. the mayors of the nine largest
5:43 am
cities went to sacramento to tell the governor his plan doesn't work. the mayors said the cities have their own fiscal problems and rely on redevelopment money to keep their cities afloat. they don't see they should have to choose between spending on redevelopment projects and other long-term needs like education. >> it's something we can do to fix and not destroy because it makes no sense in the world to pit immediate programs for kids, for welfare, et cetera, against the hopes and dreams of kids. >> the governor's budget plan will shut off state funding for redevelopment agencies. the governor wants to redistrict that money to schools and puck lick safety. >> newly revealed evidence shows the man charged in the tuesday san shooting rampage appears to have planned it out in advance. sources close to the investigation of jared loughner say he use the his home computer to research political assassinations, lethal injection and solitary confinement.
5:44 am
the new information paints a picture of someone who thought about what he was doing in the attack on congresswoman gabrielle giffords. experts say it makes an insanity defense for loughner even more difficult. >> this morning a southern california who told a flight crew he would take this plane down is facing federal charges. kevin simon was on a jet blue flight on monday. he had the outburst when a flight attendant accidently dropped something on his sold but he was upset for a while because he couldn't buy a head set with cash. simon was arrested and charged with interference with a flight crew. >> the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> the landmark nursing program coming to san jose state university. >> jenelle wang, another blizzard is crippling the east coast. schools, roads and airports are
5:45 am
closed and that means flights are cancelled, including some q
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and a whole lot of happy to your family. for recipes and valuable coupons, go to to add a little happy to almost any meal. french's. happy starts here. >> welcome back. coming up on 5:48 on this thursday. let's take a look at your dense fog advisory for the central valley until 1:00 and for the east bay until 10:00. for the carquinez strait, until noon.
5:48 am
widespread dense fog less than a quarter mile visibility. so dangerous travel there. as far as the rest of the state, we'll have sunshine over the sierra, 50 tahoe and yosemite. 70 big sur. look at l.a., san diego and palm springs, low to mid-70s, even near 80 once again today. >> it's 5:48 this morning. the golden gate bridge today could move a step closer toward eliminating toll takers. the bridge finance committee is expected to vote on a move to all electronic tolling by next year. that means fas trak or license plate scanning and no humans to collect your cash. if approved, the issue may be presented to the golden gate bridge directors at their meeting tomorrow morning. >> san jose state is planning to offer a new doctorate degree in nursing starting next year. that campus and a few in southern california will be part of a pilot program aimed at getting more nurses who is are qualified to teach the profession. according to federal experts, california is expected to have a
5:49 am
severe shortfall of nurses in about ten years. the state already ranks last in the nation in the number of nurses per 100,000 residents. the california nurses association says the state would be better served by more undergraduate spots in college. >> the northeast is suffering through a snow which, icy storm that slammed the region overnight. the biggest impact here is airport closures or delays. jenelle wang is live in the news room. you have a lot more on all the different ways it's impacting. >> especially flight. about 20 flights coming into sfo from the east coast already cash registered. both jfk airport in new york and new jersey is also closed. the faa hoping they'll reopen in the next hour or two. you should call ahead. the storm is sweeping the entire east coast from tennessee to new england. hundreds of customers in the
5:50 am
washington d.c. area are without power. yesterday airlines cancelled 1500 flights at new york, new jersey and philadelphia airports. many drivers abandoned their cars unable to navigate in the blizzard conditions. residents say they are tired of being buried under snow. >> two hours to get to the bottom of the hill to the top. 100 feet away. >> i think it's too much. i just wanna stop. >> central park in new york city has received 32 inches of snow so far this month. that's the snowiest january on record. schools and businesses are expected to be closed again today. new york city has declared a weather morning. so far three storm-related deaths in that state. call ahead for up to the minute flight information. go to and click on the flight tracker box on the bottom of the page. reporting live, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> still getting battered back there. jenelle, thank you very much. >> schools closed today in new
5:51 am
york city and lots of things going on. non-emergency personnel don't have to go to work. >> our colleagues at espn, we're all owned by the same company, one ended up in a snow drift, almost didn't get to show up on time. even folks used to it pretty tough for them. >> they can't get out of town, they should come visit us. >> they should do the show from out here. we can do it. >> good morning to you. 5:51. listen to a little sports on my way to work. i do it. i am a sports fan and weather fan. i've been a fan of the warmer weather but we need some rain. we're looking at a clear sky over downtown san francisco. temperatures, let's start inland where it's coolest. mid to upper 30s. the fog is starting to dissipate in the north bay valleys but thick in the east bay valleys.
5:52 am
that will hang around until 10:00. low to mid-40s the bay shore to the coast and 50 san francisco. around the monterey bay, mid-40s for santa cruz, watsonville. much cooler, 36 in gilroy. got your microclimates going there this morning. mostly sunny today, our last day for records. fog will have it, clear around the bay. maybe not quite as much at the coast as it has been. cooler this weekend and again sunday sprinkles, a new wrinkle in the forecast. brentwood, pittsburgh, what it does for the temperatures. mid-40s. low to mid-60s through the san ramon valley. 67 pleasanton. mid to upper 60s for everybody else, even fremont around 70. upper 60s to low 70s. south bay probably the warmest area around the bay today. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula. may get to 70 in the south bay.
5:53 am
mid to upper 60s around the coast. same thing for downtown. low to mid-60s the north bay valleys. ukiah and clover date may make it to 69. low to mid-70s here even inland. tonight you see the fog returning to the east bay, the tulie fog. temperatures in our valleys the mid to upper 30s. notice the change along the coast. we start to see the transition to an onshore wind. that's why we end up with clouds half moon bay and 42 degrees tomorrow. mid to upper 40s around the bay shore and into san francisco. what we're seeing, high pressure starting to move to the east. finally! very, very stubborn. high clouds will overtake it today. mild, especially alodge the coast and into the south bay. gonna come up to about washington and then take a dive right down towards us saturday
5:54 am
night and into sunday. when we'll see those temperatures dive back into the mid to upper 50s for a high on sunday. gonna be quite cold compared to what we've been dealing with. look for an increase in sunshine and warmer weather. have a great day. here's sue. >> so far so good. we have a bit of a problem however this san leandro. speeds about 21 mph just past davis street, accidents blocking lanes three and four there. be aware of that. fog advisory still in effect for most of the morning this morning. slow out of antioch. highway 4 from 8th street to summersville. speeds of 14 mph there. mass transit would be a great alternative. no delays on bart at all. metering lights remain off. a nice flow into san francisco on the upper deck. before you leave the house this morning, always a great idea to check the website at
5:55 am and click on traffic. eric, kristen? >> sue, thank you very much. it's 5:54. >> telling you all that snow on the east coast, it's helping pull sales of winter sports gear out of a deep freeze. >> here's jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. if you're thinking about buying winter sports gear, better get it now. america research says next winter prices are going up because of rising production costs in asia. that's according to the associated press. all this improving economy. the other thing people are apparently doing more of lately watching movies on netflix. the service reporting a better than expected profit and subscribers top 20 million and expects to have 27 million subscribers by the end of this year. shareholders smelling the coffee. starbucks forecasting a smaller than expected second quarter
5:56 am
profit. what happens in vegas isn't staying in vegas. still racking up the highest foreclosure rate. the foreclosure activity is spreading increasing three-quarters of the nation's 200 largest cities. december new home sales forecast and shares of united and u.s. airways better than expected profits. also the airlines showing growing signs of regaining the price in power they lost during the recession. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> the nation's color-coded terror alert system is about to go away. janet napolitano will announce the end of the system that currently lists our threat level at orange. though the nine-year-old system that was invented after 9/11 has five levels, it's never dipped below yellow. that's the third highest. in april it will be replaced by a new program which will
5:57 am
identify more specific threats and geographical areas. >> 5:56 now. just ahead at 6:00, no rain but plenty of water. the early morning accident that stopped muni in its tracks for a time. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where a fatal police shooting last night brings to light a problem with communication. communication. that could mean life and
5:58 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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